ExPASy is the SIB Bioinformatics Resource Portal which provides access to scientific databases and software tools (i.e., resources) in different areas of life sciences including proteomics, genomics, phylogeny, systems biology, population genetics, transcriptomics etc. (see Categories in the left menu). On this portal you find resources from many different SIB groups as well as external institutions.
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UniProt Knowledgebase release 2019_01 - 2019-01-16
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559,077 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries (More..)
139,694,261 UniProtKB/TrEMBL entries (More..)
Protein Spotlight: ice whisperer - 2019-01-08
No one likes the cold. Humans wear scarves, fur boots, quilted coats and woollen hats to keep the harshness of winter out while other creatures grow their own fur or line their bodies with a thick layer of blubber... More.

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