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  • Vital-IT  •  Vital-IT is an innovative life science informatics initiative providing computational resources, consultancy and training to connect fundamental and applied research. [less]
  • nfswatch  •  Nfswatch is a command-line tool for monitoring NFS traffic. Nfswatch can capture and analyze the NFS packets on a particular network interface or on all interfaces. [less]
  • Soaplab services  •  Web services interface to bioinformatics tools [less]
  • SPARQL-playground  •  SPARQL playground aims to help newbies to get started with SPARQL. It provides a user friendly interface with a simple dataset and examples.  [less]
  • SUSHI  •  SUSHI (Support Users for SHell script Integration) is a pipeline framework developed in Ruby on Rails in order to share useful pipeline scripts. SUSHI provides both web-based front end and command line interface. [less]