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Categories: proteomics - Software type(s): website - tool
PEPVAC is a tool aimed to the development of fully covering multi-epitope vaccines against pathogenic organisms based on genome wide predictions of promiscous MHCI-restricted epitopes.
Categories: proteomics - Software type(s): website - tool
This server predicts peptide binders to MHCI and MHCII molecules from protein sequence/s or sequence alignments using Position Specific Scoring Matrices (PSSMs). In addition, it predicts those MHCI ligands whose C-terminal end is likely to be the result of proteasomal cleavage. A detailed explanation of the method can be found here.
Categories: - Software type(s): - tool
This is a tool to find out the ligation strength to a defined HLA type for a sequence of aminoacids. The algorithmus used are based on the book "MHC Ligands and Peptide Motifs" by H.G.Rammensee, J.Bachmann and S.Stevanovic. The probability of being processed and presented is given in order to predict T-cell epitopes.