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Categories: genomics, evolutionary biology, transcriptomics - Software type(s): CLI, databases files, library, website - database/tool
Bgee is a database to compare expression patterns between animal species. Bgee addresses difficulties such as complex anatomies and diverse sources of data by the use of ontologies and the explicit representation of homology. Homology relationships are defined both between genes and between anatomical features. The main efforts are the annotation of anatomical and developmental terms and their homology relationships, and the annotation and statistical treatment of transcriptome data.
Categories: genomics, (characterisation/annotation), transcriptomics - Software type(s): website - tool
ESTScan can detect coding regions (CDS) in DNA sequences, even if they are of low quality. It also detects/corrects sequencing errors that lead to frameshifts. ESTScan is not a gene prediction program , nor is it an open reading frame detector. In fact, its strength lies in the fact that it does not require an open reading frame to detect a coding region. The program may miss a few translated amino acids at termini, but detects coding regions with high selectivity and sensitivity.
Categories: genomics, (characterisation/annotation), transcriptomics - Software type(s): CLI, website - tool
The transcriptome analyser project aims to provide tools to determine and document all the transcribed parts of a genome. The transcribed parts are defined by analysing experimental evidence, like expressed sequence tags (EST) and other mRNA sequences.