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  • SwissBioIsostere  •  SwissBioisostere is a database containing information on millions of molecular replacements and their performance in biochemical assays. It is meant to provide researchers in drug discovery projects with ideas for bioisosteric modifications of their current lead molecule, and to give access to the details on particular molecular replacements. [less]
  • SwissSidechain  •  SwissSidechain is a structural and molecular mechanics database of hundreds of non-natural amino-acid sidechains that can be used to study in silico their insertion into natural peptides or proteins.  [less]


  • SwissDock  •  SwissDock is a protein ligand docking server, accessible via the ExPASy web server, and based on EADock DSS. The purpose of this server is to make protein-ligand docking accessible to a wide scientific community worldwide. [less]
  • Click2Drug  •  Directory of computational drug design tools, containing many links to databases, chemical structure representation, molecular modeling, homology modeling, binding site prediction, docking, screening, target prediction, ligand design, binding free energy estimation etc. [less]
  • SwissParam  •  SwissParam is a fully automatic server that provides topology and parameters for small organic molecules, compatible with the CHARMM all atoms force field, for use with CHARMM and GROMACS. [less]
  • SwissTargetPrediction  •  SwissTargetPrediction is an online tool to predict the targets of bioactive small molecules in human and other vertebrates. This is useful to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying a given phenotype or bioactivity, to rationalize possible side-effects or to predict off-targets of known molecules.  [less]